Packing and Shipping

Life time Warranty

Chrome plating is guaranteed to be free from defective workmanship to the original purchaser. Under this warranty the part will be reprocessed at our discretion, without charge for the plating. The part must be returned to us (shipping costs not included) with a copy of the original invoice. The warranty does not apply to plating that has been misused or abused. This is a lifetime warranty of our workmanship. No other warranty is either expressed or implied. Return authorization is necessary to ship the part back to us. 

Prepare for Plating

No surface preparation is required before shipping your parts to us. If you wish to do some preparation, please do NOT sandblast your parts! We will strip paint, rust and laquer from your parts, but please have them as free of grease as possible. All parts must be completely disassembled, and will be returned to you disassembled.
Grease and oil must be removed, otherwise an additional charge will be incurred. 


How do I pack my parts?

Please pack carefully! Use packing and wrapping material, and place small parts in a can or a box. Be sure to include a packing list in your shipment, with your name, address, phone number and special instructions (if any). Grills, radiator shells, and other large parts that can be easily damaged should be shipped in wooden boxes; we'll use your container to return your parts to you, once they have been plated. 

Shipping made Easy

UPS will pack and ship your order. No hassle, take your part to any UPS location and they will handle the details. They also pack and ship wheels and bumpers.
Should you choose to ship yourself, bumpers can be wrapped in heavy paper and cardboard, taped and shipped UPS. They have packing material if you don't. Take your part to any UPS shipment center for the fastest service. Be sure to adequately insure your parts and clearly mark your name and street address on each shipping 

Payment Terms

Prices are determined by the the type of quality you require, listed under Service Page.  Pot metal and aluminum are more expensive to process than steel. Our minimum charge is $200 per lot.You can use our Contact Page to send us an
e-mail or chat live during business hours. You may also call
us at 915-400-8636

All Parts must be disassembled 100% We will charge you a minimum of $50.00 to disassemble. If we cannot disassemble your part, we will ship it back to you freight collect. We are not responsible for lost or extra parts that are not listed on your packing list. 


 Be sure to package your parts in a sturdy box, crate, or tube. Please put small parts in a Ziploc bag. Wrap in heavy packing material and cushion with bubble wrap. Enclose a packing list in your box. List all parts and quantity's. Include your name, street address (no P.O. boxes), zip code and daytime phone number. We prefer shipping  UPS and accept all major credit cards or PayPal for payment before shipping. Visit our Payment Page for more payment info.

 Ship to:
Chrome Blast
1104 E. San Antonio
El Paso, Tx. 79901