Bright Chrome Plating

 Polish chrome (sometimes called Nickel Chrome) is used for bright shiny finishes on automobiles and motorcycles. It has an undercoating of nickel to give it a mirror finish. This is followed by a layer of chrome for tarnish resistance and brilliance. 

Factory Quality:

 Generally, we try to duplicate how your old parts looked when they were new. There may be polishing lines and/or slight pitting. The plating will duplicate the original plating on the parts. 

High Quality Plating and Polishing

 With High Quality plating, your parts are finished to a smoother surface and with very few surface imperfections left in the final finish. Some parts will have imperfections that can only be removed with extra polishing and plating steps that will increase the price over factory pricing. 

 Besides plating, we can also polish any car or motorcycle trim. Let our specialists polish your part to a superior lustre