Providing High-Quality Chrome plating to motorcycles and automobiles.

About Us

We do all types of plating

 Chrome  is the internet presence of Siltec Inc. and has been doing industrial plating for the Twin Plant industry in Mexico and the United States since 1985. We specialize in custom chrome plating for all automobile and motorcycle parts. At Chrome you can expect to receive high quality service with a fast turn around time. If you are an average car owner, looking to upgrade your vehicle or a classic car enthusiast needing that extra shine to get your onlookers bewildered in amazement, Chrome Blast.Net is your one and only stop for the best chrome plating at the best prices!

 Siltec Inc.(the parent company of Chrome Blast.Net) is a national industrial plating supplier committed to offering high quality chrome plating with excellent turn around times and fair pricing to all custom vehicle owners. You can expect a very friendly, helpful and knowledgeble staff that is committed to making our customers happy with the service that they receive. You can only expect the best worksmanship when you get your parts plated with Chrome Blast.

High-Quality Products

We provide two levels of quality bright chrome plating, factory quality and high quality, and also polishing for aluminum and stainless trim. To see our services please check out the services page. 

Motorcycles, Sportsbike and show cars

 From chrome swing arms to fork ends and chrome plated kickstands to vintage car emblems, we can chrome plate your motorcycle, sportbike, or show cars.